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SMC-MCK300A CNC wood processing lathe milling system


1. After over half a century's development, woodworking machinery industry has established a complete system from education, research, development, manufacturing, testing to sales in China. The industry has become one of the important technical equipment industries in our country, playing an important role in the national economy.

2.  Wood processing has become a stable process system, with the degree of specialization continuously increasing. The rapid development of computer applications and CNC industry, have had an important role on wood processing technology for innovation, wood processing industry system changes, as well as the development of production processes and product design engineering, promoting woodworking machinery from a purely mechanical products over to automation and intelligent products.

3. CNC technology in the future will go more deeply into many other process areas of the wood processing.

Function Specification: 

MCK300A CNC woodworking milling system is based on the development of powerful car Adtech basis.

1. using ARM processor and FPGA high performance motion chip, has excellent stability and reliability.
2. 7 inch LCD color screen, the display interface is friendly.
3. Support woodworking milling process, the operation is simple.
4. Graphic display and processing of real-time tracking function, can be very intuitive display of graphics in the processing file.
5. The system supports the double knife control, and supports the double knife one time and many times to the reciprocating processing technology, can greatly enhance the efficiency of woodworking lathe milling processing.
6. DXF directly into the processing function, can simplify the operator's processing file generation process.
7. Laser scanning is used to generate the machining code directly, which can greatly reduce the requirement of the operator.
8. USB communication function, support U disk processing file copy and U disk upgrade system, convenient maintenance.
9. System diagnostic function, the customer can make the diagnosis and treatment of some hardware.

Function introduction:

1. Double knife features: the double cutter function is to support machine YZ two cutter feeding and feeding control system, MCK300A directly set the function of drawing software, from direct import DXF file to automatically calculate the smatterer set, from from lower professional knowledge to the user's requirements, to good ease of use is favored by the manufacturers and the users.
2. Sample scanning function: For finished goods and proofing design usually in cam machining file, no drawings need measurement data of the workpiece and then according to the measured data plotting to guide cam processing file.
3. Operation tedious labor strength and data errors. For there is no design drawings sample proofing fast or production can use scanner function, quick to copy to sample data, the obtained data can directly to the production and processing.
4. Support for the reciprocating vehicle of wood column, indexing milling technology;
5. Support for real time coordinates, real time graphics and status tracking;
6. Support standard G code files;
7. Support laser scanning function;
8. Support CAD file direct import, teach editing and manual editing;
9. Support tool, reverse, return, return function.

Deficiencies and problems in the industry:

In CNC process of today's woodworking machinery industry, CNC process of woodworking lathe and milling machine is one of the most important content. CNC woodworking lathe and milling system currently used in the vast majority of the industry is not developed specifically for the woodworking industry, so there are many shortcomings and problems:

1. some using SCM, poor stability

2. System process is imperfect, not professional

3. Low processing efficiency

4. High cost for such control systems, and professional staff required for operation

Related Product Introduction:

MCK300A Wood Processing CNC Controller is developed based on Adtech powerful strength.

1. Adopt ARM9 processer and high performance FPGA motion chip, with excellent stability and reliability.

2. 7inch LCD color screen, friendly display interface.

3. Support woodworking lathe and milling technology, simple operation.

4. Graphical display and processing real-time tracking function, can intuitively display graphic shape in processing document.

5. The system supports two-pole control, and support pole once and multiple reciprocating processing technology, can greatly improve the efficiency of woodworking lathe and milling machining processing.

6. DXF importing processing function, simplify generation process of processing document.

7. Adopt laser shape scanning directly generate processing code, greatly reduce the operating requirements of the workers.

8. USB communication function, support U disk process file copy and upgrade system, easy maintenance.

9. System diagnostics function make customers can self-diagnose some of the hardware.

10. Wireless remote control.