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SMC-ZM630A 6 Axes Brush Making Controller for Brush Machine


1. 4-6 road pulse output control;

2. Pulse frequency up to 2M;

3. 8 inch true-color display, touch screen, 640*480 pixels;

4. Built-in 256M memory space;

5. With data interaction interface of external U dish;

6. Input 80 road,output 40 road;

7. 2 road DA;

8. Adopt HyperCrystal LCD, touch screen, friendly interface;

9. Slim volume,simple structure, easy to wire;

10. 6 axis stepper and servo motor control;

11. Numerical precision raised to 0.001,handwheel fixed-length (fixed ratio) movement;

12. Support U disk read and write, support hardware and software limit;

13. With the function of processing track preview and tracking, process product be clear at a glance;

14. Easy and convenient to teach, support CSV directly importing processing data and MPG teach;

15. Support interpolation processing and index acceleration/deceleration movement;

16. Graphic pattern teach with intuition & convenience;

17. Support arbitrarily IO displace.



1. The control system is dedicated for six-axis hair-planting machine and six-axis drilling machine;

2. It is applicable for drilling holes and planting hairs on the moulds in irregular shape;

3. It is capable of machining minimum 500 holes per minute, and it can store about 2000 programs;

4. Each program at least 10 million data of holes can be input, so users can easily invoke machining program for any models by serial number;

5. Obtaining coordinate data of points by adjustable mode, it is convenient for users to obtain the machining data of complex work piece, so it is quite easy for common workers to learn;

6. Users can also edit data in table format, and perform edition, inserting, deletion actions on the table. It possesses hole-dividing, copy and transition functions so it is quite easy to operate;

7. Users can reach selected hole to carry out the modification by input the hole number, and set machining speed for each axis, adjustment speed, returning initial point speed and distance for single step freely and also can add holes and leap over holes;

8. There are different working modes like full/ partial automation and testing, by which user can stop, start, and reset the machine at any time;

9. It supports hand crank coder (option). It has U-disc analog function (controller is emulated as a U-disc) supporting read-write function on U-disc (option), which is used for data exchanging.