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SMC-6943A1 16-Axis RTEX BUS Motion Control Card


Comply with the development trend of multi-axis motion control technology, SAMCO push out the SMC-6943A1 which is a new RTEX total linear movement control cards, a system can support up to 16 pieces control cards, its wiring is very simple, using standard Ethernet 100BASE- TX standard, supports 100Mbit speed,totally solving high speed and high-throughput data transmission. There are 32 nodes in single card , can control up to 32 axes. Can be connected directly Panasonic A4N / A5N servo drives and connect common pulse servo though pulse transfer plate, networking convenience, wiring is simple and effectively save space of cost and capital cost for customers. Widely used: lithium battery production machine, lamination machine, testing equipment, LED SMT machines, multi-axis metal processing machines.

Hardware Index:

1. 32-bit PCI bus, plug and play;
2. With 32 nodes, can control up to 32 axes, the length between each node up to 100m;
3. The maximum pulse output frequency 8MHz;
4. Each shaft encoder feedback channel 32 counts, frequencies up to 2MHz;

5. Pulse output type: pulse + direction (PUL + DIR) or double-pulse (CW + CCW);
6. Exchangeable 32 axis servo data in a fixed 0.5ms instruction cycle;
7. 512 segment hardware cache space.

Control function:

1. Position control supports linear acceleration/deceleration, speed control supports linear and S-curve acceleration and deceleration;
2. Any 2-6 axis linear interpolation and cache interpolation;
3. Support the position, speed and torque control mode, control mode of each axis is independently and can be switched at any time;
4. Supported absolute position, relative position, the latch movement, continuous movement functions;
5. Bus servo can be changed in real time speed and target position while moving;

6. Return to zero function in many ways;

7. Position control have immediately stopped, decelerating stop, pause feature function;
8. Hardware stop function, multi-axis with moving and stop at the same time;
9. With Panasonic servo drives achieve fully closed control;
10. Support parameter of any servo axis read and write;
11. Movement can monitor a variety of position, speed, servo temperature, inertia ratio and so on. At least 30 species parameters.

Digital IO modules(each module is a node):

1. ET101A: 16 Road with opto-isolator input;
2. ET201A: 16 road with opto-isolator output.

Pulse adapter plate modules(Each module count four nodes):

1. Control 4 road pulse output, 4 road encoder input;
2. Machinery positive and negative limit, origin signal;
3. Alarm input, servo in-position signal;
4. Alarm cancellation signal, servo using signal;
5. As well as 4 road general-purpose input signal device.

Wiring diagram:

Application industries:

1. Solar automation equipment;
2. Multiaxial metal processing machine;
3. Wafer scribing machine;
4. LCD SMT machine;
5. LED Inspection Machine;

6. PCB board drilling and milling machine;
7. LCD Inspection Machine;
8. Pelleter machines, lamination machines, factory assembly line work;
9. Distributed mechanical processing.