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SAMCO SD-S Series Spindle Servo Motor Drivers

Detailed Info:

High performance:
Comprehensive and precise control functions: steady speed control, precision position control, excellent torque control.

Safe and dependable:
Products meet international standards, through the CE certification. Set multiple protection circuit, comprehensive protection safety equipment.

Horoscope communication function (optional):
Products with remote communication capabilities, simply connect a SIM card module, you can remotely operate the controller via the mobile phone network.

Strong expansion capability (optional):
You can configure a variety of expansion modules within the controller, such as a digital terminal expansion modules, analog terminal expansion modules, encoder feedback divider output, 485 (ModBusRTU), CANopen, GSM / GPRS module, digital display module, double position loop module and other interfaces, it can also develop a variety of control devices connected function module, such as convenience and PLC, touch screen, text display, etc. according to the user's specific application.

Performance parameters:

Input PowerInput voltageThree-phase AC:380/400V
Input Frequency50Hz/60Hz
Voltage fluctuation+10%,-15%
Frequency fluctuation±5%
Control featuresControl methodVector control
Speed control range0.01~500Hz,Such as 4-pole motor maximum speed15000rpm
Speed control accuracy±0.1%
Acceleration and deceleration time0.05~300Hz/s
Torque control characteristicsThe fundamental frequency of 200% rated torque output; accuracy of ± 5%
Position control accuracy±1pulse
Brake modeDynamic braking, within the amount of the brake unit
OverloadTwice overload
I/OinterfaceDigital input10:00, NPN type, PNP type
Digital Output4:00, NPN type, PNP type
Relay output2 road, DC30V/1A,AC250V/1A
Analog InputTwo-way, A0:±10V:A1:0~+10Vor4~20mA
External pulse inputA high-speed optocoupler, ABZ phase pulse, pulse + direction, CW pulseoptional
Motor encoder inputA, RS422 level standard resolver interface, optional
Motor encoder outputA, RS422 standard level, the output frequency range of 0 ~ 1MHz
Expansion InterfaceIt can be internal or external functional modules such asRS485(Modbus RTU)
Protective functionOvervoltage protection, low voltage protection, over current protection, motor overheat protection, power modules fruit overheat protection, overload protection, output short circuit protection, encoder fault protection
Working environmentInstallation Site RequirementsAvoid direct sunlight, dust free, non-corrosive, but ene gas
Working temperature-10℃~+45℃
Humidity5~90%,Condensation is not allowed
Operating altitude0~3000meters1000 meters above derating
Allow vibration rangeBelow 20Hz:1G;20~50Gz;0.2G

Installation dimensions: