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SAMCO SD-A Series Spindle Servo Motor Drivers

Performance parameters:

Control Characteristicscontrol methodOpen loop vectorV/FControlClosed Loop Vector
Starting torque0.5Hz 15%0.5Hz 100%0.0Hz 180%
Speed range1:2001:1001:1000
Steady speed precision±0.2%
Torque response10ms
Positioning accuracy-
± 1 个 Line Pulse
Motor typeAC induction motors, permanent magnet synchronous motors
Functional DesignPulse formDirection pulse, Quadrature
Exact stop spindleBuilt-in eight divisions and four zero
Speed / position controlSupport for external terminal switching
Electronic gearBuilt-in 4 sets of electronic gear, enabling terminal switching
The encoder formCollector differential encoders, resolvers, etc.
Digital input and outputopto-isolated inputs, NPN, PNP selectable 2 opto-isolated outputs
Analog Input3 inputs:-10V~+10V,0~10V/0~20mA
The highest frequency630Hz
Frequency resolutionDigital setting: 0.01Hz Analog setting: the highest frequency x0.025%
Carrier frequency0.5K~16KHz,It can automatically adjust the carrier frequency according to operating temperature
Frequency setting modeOperator panel, analog AI1, AI2, AI3, terminal UP / DN control, communication control, PLS pulse frequency
DC braking capacityDC braking frequency: 0.0 ~ 300Hz DC braking current: 0.0% to 100%
Braking unit4T15G and below the standard built-in brake unit 4T18.5G ~ 75G optional built-in brake unit and above require external 4T93G
PLC multispeed16-speed operation can be achieved through the built-in control terminals or at most PLc
Common DC busMultiple drives shared DC bus, energy automatic equalizer
Automatic voltage regulator (AVR)When the grid voltage changes, can automatically maintain output voltage stability
Overload150% rated current 60S; 180% rated current 3S
Overvoltage stall controlAutomatically limits current and voltage during operation, avoid frequent over-current protection
Fast current limiting function

Minimize overcurrent fault, as far as possible to ensure that the module is not damaged, protect the normal operation of the drive.

Torque limit and control"Excavator" feature automatically limits the torque during operation, avoid frequent over-current trip, closed loop vector control mode can be achieved torque control.
FeaturesUser-friendlyPower-Show friendly dialogue "HELLO"
Multifunction JOG keyOperating unique multifunctional keys frequently used settings: punctuality, reverse point, reverse switch, the command switch
Timing control functionTiming, and the whole set of words accumulated run time.
Two sets of motor parametersThe ability to switch control two motors, control modes are available.
Terminal FunctionControl terminal plug-in installation, user-friendly wiring maintenance.
Command sourcePanel, control terminal, serial communications given, and to achieve mutual switching.
Frequency sourceDigital setting, analog voltage, analog current, given pulse, serial communication, auxiliary frequency source want fake subtraction, and enables switching between

Power motor short-circuit detection, input and output phase loss protection, overcurrent protection, overvoltage undervoltage protection, thermal protection, overload protection.

surroundingsUse of premisesIndoor, free from direct sunlight, dust, corrosive gases, flammable gas oil mist, steam, drip or salt
AltitudeLess than 1000m
Ambient temperatureBetween -10 ℃ ~ + 40 ℃ 40 ~ 50 ℃ derating, increased by 1 ℃, rated output current decrease of 1%
HumidityLess than 95% RH, non-condensing

Installation dimensions: