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SMC3722 Three-phase Stepper Driver

SMC3722 Three-phase Stepper Driver Description:

1. Stable, high quality

2. High reliability and high precision

3. All digital loop control

4. Perfect protection performance

Technical Parameters:

Input porwer

Single-phase AC220V -15~+10%  50/60Hz

Output phase current

1.5A-6.8A(Up to 8A for customization)

Adaptation of motor

Three phase hybrid stepping motor

Operate environment

0°C~55°C 15~85%RH No frost,non   corrosive,lamability,explosive,conductive gas,liquid and dust

Storage environment

-25°C~70°C 15~85%RH No frost

Drive mode


Step angle


Step angle setting

Dip swith setting

Input signal


Input level

5V,5~10MA;Connet 510Ω~1K resistance when input 12v   voltage;

Connet 1.2K-~2K resistance when input 12v voltage

Out signal


Position pulse input mode

Single pulse mode:CP(pulse)+CW(direction),pulse width≥1us,pulse   frequency≤300khz(10000P/r);

Double pulse mode:CW(positive pulse)+CCW(reverse   pulse)

Status indication

Green LED power indication;driving power,normal state indication 

Green LED pulse indication,pulse status indication

Green LED fault indication;drive fault indication

Size and shape




Performance Introduction:

1. The AC servo control principle control mode increases the digital current loop control, three-phase sinusoidal current drive output, the three-phase hybrid motor in low speed without crawling, undocumented East, low noise.

2. Drive voltage amplifier level reached DC325 volts, the stepper motor is still running to tell high torque output.

3. With short circuit overvoltage, undervoltage overheating protection function, high reliability.

4. With segments and semi flow function, there are a variety of options can be set to the minimum step angle of 0.036 degrees.

SMC3722 Installation Dimension:  unit=mm                 SD305C Installation Dimension:  unit=mm