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How To Update Software Or Program Of SMC-K1000MVI Milling Controller ?

The processing as following: Copy program to U disk by computer → put the U disk insert U disk connector of controller → Press Key”PROG” →Press Key “File” →Press key”H” → choose the updated progrma directory from U disk→Press key “EOB” enter into the directory of SMC-K1000MVI(60) → choose “SMCROM.BIN” →Press Key ”Y” → success of updated →Press key “CAN” →shut and re-start controller → Note: after re-start , at same time press key“CAN”, you will hear a bumming and keep two seconds, then move your hand immediately → enter to BIOS interface→ press key “1”→press key “1”→whether to update program?(是否更新程序?)→Press key”Y” → finishing update(更新完毕)→Press”Cancel”→re-start the controller→ that all.