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SMC-TH1204 12 Axes CNC Spring Making Controller


1. 17-inch industrial color liquid crystal with resolution of 1280*1024 is employed;

2. Each axis can be independently configured, maximum of twelve axes can be selected, addition and removal of axes can be freely carried out, and linear interpolations of maximum of twelve axes are supported;

3. Inspection function for software limit and hardware limit is provided to ensure machine's safe operation;

4. Teaching function is provided for hand wheel or hand-held box to facilitate programming;

5. Various zeroing modes can be selected to adapt to different requirements on machine hardware;

6. Zeroing sequence is configurable and each axis can be concurrently or sequentially zeroed;

7. Total of eight groups of cylinder probe can be used for program control;

8. Real-time information tips and record to offer convenience for debugging and troubleshooting;

9. Abundant information windows are provided to check IO port status, shortcut key tips and help documents;

10. Various S, M, E, J, G, L, N, etc. command programming is available to facilitate study and usage;

11. Automatic machining and hand wheel machining are allowable, which modes can be freely interchanged. (8) Online programming function can be applied;

12. Linear mode is with precision of 0.01mm and rotary mode is with precision of 0.1 degree;

13.  Each axis is provided with independent homing function.


Motion control hardware

1. Control axis: 12 axis servo control signal;

2. Input: 64-way digital input, 24-way extended digital input, 12-way alarm input, 12-way handheld input, 2-way hand wheel input;

3. Output:16-way digital output, 16-way extended digital output + 6-way standby output;

4. Encoder input: 12 axis(total 18-way)Z phase code input;

5. AD input: 2-way analog input;

6. Movement mode: multi-axis linkage, Multi axis linear interpolation, Circular interpolation, Continuous interpolation function;

Industrial computer

CPU: Intel Pentium Dual E2200 2.20GHz;

Memory: 1G;

Interface: USB2.0, PS/2 standard keyboard interface, standard network interface, VGA display interface;

Other: parallel ferroelectric;

Power Supply: AC220V;

Working temperature: 0~60 degree centigrade;

Working humidity: 10%~96%, non-condensing.

1. 12 axis servo motor control, support separate movement or synchronous movement, flexible and convenient programming mode;

2. 8 sets of probes and cylinder selection, high speed probe testing to ensure the accuracy of spring processing;

3. With the wire winding frame, disconnection alarm detection and wire feeding shelf acceleration output, realize flexible control of wire frame;

4. Flexible jump function, with detection length device, to achieve automatic separation of waste springs;

5. At any time to change the processing programme when process of running, no need to stop, improve work efficiency;

6. Complete and intuitive system running status prompts, users can find problems in time, easy to troubleshoot;

7. Support conditional jump and absolute jump function to improve programming flexibility and easy to detect waste spring;

8. Support cycle instruction programming function;

9. Set up a number of password protection function, safe and practical;

10. Large storage capacity, up to 1000 processing file storage space;

11. Programming intuitive, simple, easy to learn;

12. System upgrade is convenient, you can download the latest program through Internet.