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SAMCO Attending Industrial Automation Show 2013 Shanghai

The 15th Industrial Automation Show 2013 Shanghai (IAS) is coming; SAMCO will take part as before. Nowadays SAMCO has made much breakthrough and achieved great improvement with good fame in the automation industry. And got praise from many customers.

As China's leading motion controller manufacturer, SAMCO has established motion control system (motion control platform, servo motor and drive, stepper motor and drive, industry applications) and CNC equipment (industrial robot, teaching lathe & milling, etc.) the two products system, widely used in the fields of electronic equipment, metal processing, textile & household, special machines, becoming the representative brand in the motion control industry. 

For this time, SAMCO bringing more new products with high-quality with tiring best to meet customers’ and markets’ needs . All visitors to SAMCO booth will witness the latest products including Servo System SG series, CNC milling controller, engraving control system, PLC, and multi-axis motion controller.